New World Game

New World Game

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New World is a massively multiplayer fantasy sandbox from Amazon Game Studios. The creators provide the opportunity to try your own destiny along with others gamers in a living, but full of enemies world.
Game review
During registration, each user should be careful, because on this At this stage, a serious choice has to be made, which in the future will concern the character himself, his career, the development of the city, gamers-friends and, accordingly, enemies. There is a huge amount of horror in the New World world - these can be classic beasts or unreal fantasy-style creatures. You can fight against enemies as on your own or by teaming up with other players New World Guides
The action takes place in North America of the 17th century, during this period there was colonization. From the first minutes the game mesmerizes with medieval fantasy paired with traditional settings. Developers have well thought out a realistic change of seasons, the daily cycle is developing dynamically. Depending on whether it is morning or day in the game, you will have to fight with different creatures-enemies.
Conducting sieges is one of the most important parts of the game. How shows statistics, there are at least 500 gamers on the servers, so at any time the forts of the enemy clans are ready for attacks and robberies. After the colonists are destroyed, the winners take all the loot in their inventory, but the clothes on the characters of the game will remain.
In technical terms, the game is developed on the Lumberyard engine, and special Amazon cloud technology is responsible for the capabilities of the servers. Manufacturers claim that this technology allows you to scale the game in such a size that every gamer feels in the game as in the real world. Accordingly, if in ideas the conquest of the entire island, and at least 500 people live on it, this will only work for powerful and pumped clans. You can familiarize yourself with the equipment for pumping on the website
New World Sieges
The war is fought on behalf of the entire faction. Each faction is filled with friendly companies. Before dem on how to initiate enemy actions on the territory of another faction, it is necessary to undermine it until then until it becomes unprotected. Only then can the beginning of hostilities be declared. The opportunity for players to undermine enemy territories will appear only if they complete a certain number of missions.
The player can join the siege at any level. When all actions to make the territory vulnerable have been completed, any company from a certain faction can go to war. After these actions, the company that talks about war will be represented by the Vanguard. An interesting lottery is held in order to still decide who will lead the battle in the war. Here it is important to know that there are more chances to get a role The more active and pumped companies will have the vanguard. When the territory is in a state of conflict, not all factions have the right to declare war. More detailed and interesting information can be obtained on the official game resource
Siege Tools
The attacking player has the opportunity to use combat tokens in the Armory (military camp) to purchase siege platforms and build them on the battlefield. You can get tokens on the battlefield.
However, don't think that the fort is so easy to surrender, players have the right to build special equipment along the walls. This will help it fight back. It is necessary to develop the capabilities of the siege weapon through the system before the war begins. In peacetime, players are given so-called quests, so they should be systematically completed.
You can use multiple entrances to enter the fort. Accordingly, when there are several players, they can be easily protected from attack. These supplies can upgrade damaged structures such as gates, various arsenal and other siege weapons.
The site is designed for those who really want to be successful in the game.
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Cool Did you notice any perf improvements when new chunks or regions, I cant remember the right term are generated as the user moves to a new area?

Also, what is the trick you are using for making various biomes appear a certain way?
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